To: <>
Subject: heres the thing
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 21:53:17 -0700

do you really know what an athiest is all about

 because i dont think you do. being an athiest is about not caring about
religion and what people tend to believe .. if you were an athiest you would
not care so much about what people think and how they think about god .. it
just doesnt matter

you are a religious man .. and one with problems, were you abused by someone
with power when you were a child. maybe a priest? .. you should look into
getting some help for yourself and direct your anger away fromeveryone, its
what an athiest would do. remember .. it doensat matter what people think or
what they want to think .. you have your own life and so do they. not
believing should be a personal thing not one that you go out trying to fight
injustice with