To: <>
Subject: I will pray for your soul
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 15:24:05 -0500

From my psychology courses I understand that people who have a need to judge
others is born out of insecurity.  I believe that you posted this message on
a website looking for wisdom - you are hoping that there is something to
live and die for.

I was born into a family of believers.  I, however, am a thinker.  I pulled
away from my inherited belief system and questioned God and questioned the
accuracy of the Bible.  In doing so, God has revealed himself to me.  He
talks with me on a daily basis.  He guides my actions and decisions.  He has
blessed me abundantly in every aspect of life - just for loving him.  His is
the one Holy and righteous God.  You will learn what I have learned if you
will pick up the Bible and actually read it.  He is so awsome!  I praise His
Holy name for giving me the strength to love people like you.

I will pray for your soul - because I wish for you fullness of life that I
have on earth and life eternal in Heaven rather than Hell.

God be with you and show you His way!