Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 01:35:06 -0900 (Alaskan Standard Time)
To: <>

I just wanted to give you my support in your crusade towards erasing religion. Nothing pisses me off more than religion! These people are always trying to force their garbage down my throat.  What none of them realize is that believing in god is short-changing yourself...if you must believe in one, you obviously don't believe in yourself. As Jesse Ventura said, "religion is a crutch for weak-minded people." What cracks me up further is that when these believers offer "proof" that they are right, their "proof" consists of nothing but weak inductive arguments with no valid inferences of any kind. "Oh, I'm right, and as proof, god spoke and made it happen...." yeah, like a non-existent whatchamacallit uttered words.
I have believed, on my own without pressure from others, that atheism IS THE TRUTH since I was about, um, five.  Yes...just five.  Hell if I coulda figured this out as a five year old ON MY OWN, I don't think the concept is complicated.  
Again, I really, really stand behind you and your cause. I love the T-shirt, the website, the commentaries, all of it! I really hope to see the world lose religion during my lifetime.  Because you're absolutely right...All wars throughout history are due to religion. When did the athiests ever invade somebody? GOOD LUCK!!!