Subject: A Young Atheist
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 05:15:07 -0000

Darwin ,
      I am a 14 year old male living about 10 minutes from where 'Deliverance' was filmed. Its a hard life for young atheists out here. We have to compete with the 'Good Ole Boys' the jesus loving , shotgun toting , beer belly , tobacco spittin' , rednecks of America (And these are just kids in high school). Living in the deep south (Georgia) its really hard to keep a straight face with all these preachers. Im at school and i get daily lectures from people about how great jesus is. But two days ago they were telling me about how they got so drunk they blacked out and fuÁked some girl.
This is christianity. But since they do all this , its still good and fine because every sunday they go to a building and revive their connection with the holy spirit. You've probly already heard all of this from personal experience but this is why the youth of america is turning evil. You never see on the news about how some kid with an IQ of 90 held up a bank and killed his family. Its always the kid with the IQ of 170. He sees the evil in the church , confesses it to everyone , and gets jesus pamphlets.
Your loyal follower ,
A*** the Atheist