Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 18:19:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: A***

I truely think that your site is pathetic... However I also think that some
of the emails that you have been sent from "Christians" are pathetic.
What was the thing about your going to die in the next 24 hours or
something... I mean you sound pretty messed up... but that guy sounds worse.

I am a Christian or at least I try to be... The reasons why I think that
your site is pathetic are:

1) You talk about why the bible is not a good thing to base your life on
becasue the people in it are immoral. well sorry to say this but your
obviously looking at the wrong people. The only person that you should be
basing your life on is Jesus. Why should you concerntrate on any one else,
everyone else sins. Jesus is the one that you should try to concerntrate on.

2) You also say that religion is what causes the destruction of the earth.
But when you "read" the bible, did you miss something... kind of the whole
reason why there is death? It is at the beginning of Genesis if you are not
sure. It is our own Sin that is keeping us in torment. I once heard a good
analogy of this situation:
  "A minister was walking down the street one day when a young man ran up to
him and asked, If your God is so loving why is their so much suffering in
the world? The minister replied, You see that baber over there? And that
young boy with the terrible hair cut? Well I bet you that the barber would
absolutely Love to cut that young boys hair and make it look good. But he
can't unless the young boy walks up to the barber and asks him to cut his
You see good can't help us unless we let him.
But there is always sin that gets in the way. I saw that one of the emails
you have been sent said that this world belongs to Jesus... Well it doesn't.
Because when Adam took the bite of the fruit, inviting death to enter the
world (sin), he was giving the world to Satan. Satan owns this world. That's
why when Jesus was being tempted by him, he offered the world to Jesus,
because it was actually his to give.
Our own Sin is the reason why our world is hurting not God.

3) Your definition of atheism baffles me. It sounds like you are defining
Philosphy not atheism. I was under the impression that Athiesm was simply
not believing in God or spirituality. rather then calling your self an
athiest maybe you should call your self a skeptic philosopher.

4) I do actually agree with you with the point that very few "Christians" or
religious people (and yes there is a difference) have actually read the
bible, a lot of Religions (Catholics for example) are not encouraged to read
the bible for them selves. I think that this is sad.

5) I am curious to know why you made this site, because you seem like a very
religious athiest. I mean you seem to want to devote your life to it, it
seems to be the code for your life. You make money off it... (selling
T-shirts for example).

6) Why are you a good person? I mean why bother? If there are no eternal
consequences and the human race is going to become extinct because of
religion like you promote, then why bother being a good person? Why not
become rich, self indulged and pretend to be happy? What is stopping you
from getting quick and easy money?

I would like to write more but unfortunately I must go to my next class.

I would appreciate it if you would email me back as I am serious about
wanting answers to my questions.


To: A***
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re:

Yes, I am a good person.  Here is why I "bother" with this site.  I do it for selfish reasons.  I'm a bit of a health nut--I like to be healthy and I want to live a long life.  At 52 I can run 10k in 45 minutes and I am actually still getting faster at it.  In order to be healthy you have to serve life (forms), especially your fellow kind. 

Life is an effective means of enabling completely-occupied-space to exist within the smallest volume of space.  Life is capable of replicating itself and consciousness (a derivative of life) has immense potential to assist completely-occupied-space to exist within the smallest volume of space.  See for more on this topic.  For now, just take note that the ontological physical laws of the universe involved in this reasoning.

If you are a good-for-nothing that does not contribute to others then your body will go wrong--for example it will let cancer take over so that you will die and thus not be a further problem for others.  This is called Darwinian thinking (as in Charles).  It is not part of a grand design but rather a result of existence reacting to the physical laws of nature over a long period of time.  This is referred to as evolution.  We are social animals and our innards work accordingly.  The more you know about this the more capable you will be at surviving.

Yes, I am on a mission from God (speaking figuratively) and I am living my soul's code.  Every religion teaches that the truth is of utmost importance  and I happen to agree with this premise.  It is also important as social animals that we share what we know and I know that there are no gods responsible for us.  In fact, I strongly feel that monotheistic thinking is harmful to ourselves and to the planet.

Sometime far in the future Earth will be no more.  In the meantime however, we have meaning to each other.  I mean good to you so that I may have peace within.


Darwin Bedford