Date: 17 Dec 00 08:26:09 MST
Subject: help me

Dear Darwin Bedford,

           I was very pleased to read your document 'Simplicity of existance'
I am very happy for your leading us in this world of absurdity. I was an
orthodox but because of my being a science lover i have only recently been
able to come out of the false world of religion. But as till now whole of my
life & the rest of world was based on the GOD belief which was sort of
perfect in itself giving me all neccessary explanations. But now i feel a
strong sense of insecurity in the new world. Kindly help me with the
questions which have been eating up my mind for the past few months.I shall
be extremely thankfull to you for your kind support.

 Why do we live?
 (This question though it appeared on your document 'Simplicity of existance'
  has not been answered.)
 God theory:-We should do good deeds on this earth & chant his name throughout

 life to find a place in heaven & live happliy everafter with God,who is
 in this universe.
                      How Comforting!!
 But now do we have to live for ourselves?
 It makes me feel extremely insecure in this large world whose starting &
 ending we know nothing about.
 Will not just living for ourselves make us mean?

 Will not it lead people becoming bad after having lost fear of a god
 watching above?
 What about truth, kindness, repentence of deeds and all of the beliefs in
 good that religion taught?

 Will not we be the same as animals?

 Now I will have to fear MY death?
 God theory:-We are souls & we never die.
             aah! How comforting!!
 What about all the goodness & faith in truth the God theory gives us?
 Atleast to common men (who scarcely bother to think) who are at least
 lead to a life based on truth & goodness.

 What will be the guide lines to life?
 Afterall humans do need a sense of direction or logic to live.

 We will have to build a new theory & ways of life.

             These are the questions of my life.I shall be very gratefull
 to you for a kind effort to help in find a true & proper direction &
 definition of my life.

 Please do respond to my queries at: