To: <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 12:48:34 -0600

    I don't know what to say.  you're circular logic astounds.  As well as your unfounded assumptions.  Your site wasn't worth my time to read it and its arguments are second only to shit.  To substantiate all of my arguments (that would in fact crush your puny intellect and massive ego) would require days of writing.
    Here's a quick one for you.  On the topic of murder.  Do you know why people are starving in Africa?  hehe, no you don't, I read your website.  You blame God.  okay... good for you.  You are looking for easy answers and scapegoats, I can see that.  Actually... in the scene of world economics, foreign governments have raped these lands and impoverished their people.  God didn't do it.  Man did it.  We have the ability to choose (in conscience, not in instinct) what we do.  God did not go down there and take the food from their mouths.  Canada, the U.S of A, Britain and France did (to name a few). 
    But do you want to know who IS helping down there?  Christians.  Through World Vision I believe it is (a Christian foundation) African countries where they are active are beginning to thrive (in a 3rd world sense.  not a Canada sense).  They are creating sustainable living and their poverty is under control.  Some of the most devout Christians in the world come from Africa.  Seems odd doesn't it?  But these people have experienced something you don't have the first clue about.  man, working in God's name, have given these people hope and the feeling of worth that somebody out there cares for them.  That is the foundation for helping somebody in a down trodden position.  To let them know you care and love them.  People will never escape poverty with handouts.  These principles are psychological and sociological fact.  That is a reason that Christians go down there face to face to help these people.  Sending them your money does not help.  The government has had programs in place for years to help natives.  The problems have only gotten worse.  we can sink more and more money into it to pay for social workers which still do not really help, or we can use churches and the message that Jesus Christ teaches us that have historically worked.  Your counter argument may be look at what the Catholics did 150 years ago.  Well, it wasn't just the Catholics.  nor was it God, what they did was man acting in sin not what the bible teaches.  We have the ability to choose what we do.  Religious people are not perfect.  Anybody is subject to corruption.  There are many historical arguments of religion being the source or hatred bla bla bla.  How many people have died rallying to a king's banner?  Or because of acts of terrorism spawned  from hate of the government.
    Ach!  I want to go on, but fear I am wasting my time.  My arguments here have been short and not properly referenced.  Your site seems to propose nothing more than disgust for mankind through its remarks and slogans.  In short, come back when you have something a little better.  I will wait to see you in the subtitles of my local paper "Darwin dead in liquor store robbery."
p.s I would supply you with an easy to access email address, but I do not trust you.