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From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: god

Atheists do not believe in afterlife.  The plain empty feeling that you experience is an understanding of reality to me.

Darwin Bedford

At 06:34 PM 4/23/01 -0700, you wrote:
Dear Darwin,

     I enjoyed reading your views on religion. I did,
however only read a small amount of your information.
     I just have a question for you. How do you manage
to go through life without some sort of belief or
     I was an atheist on and off for years,in fact
still am at times. Probably because it is the easiest
god to believe in--one that doesn't exist,(you don't
see it, so it's not there). In doesn't really involve
     However, I just can't be happy thinking that my
cat died and her little life just ended! Haha.
     Seriously, I do feel very spiritual at times and
cannot live life without a belief in god or an after
life. It's just plain empty feeling.
     Also, I know Atheists don't believe in god, but
do they believe in afterlife?

Thanks for your time, and good luck with your