Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 03:51:42 EDT
Subject: There is a God

Is there really a God we are constantly challenged by atheists, skeptics and
hecklers to prove that there is a God. It is difficult for the natural man to
believe in something that he cannot see, touch or feel. The bible says that
the fool hath said in his heart that there is no god. Anyone with any
intelligence would acknowledge the evident fact of a living god. The greatest
proof apart from scripture of the existence of god is our daily fellowship
with him. I know there is a god cause I talked to him today and he heard and
answered the prayer of my heart though it was only whispered silenly.

Man is born with a universal belief in a supreme Being; no tribe has yet been
discovered that lacks this. They know that some Being creates and controls.
Rom. 2:15 says "Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their
conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing
or else excusing one another

some men are so blind as those who refuse to see. The honest man
will find that the men deny the existence of the sun in the sky but that does
not alter the fact that the sun exists, rises and sets each day. none are so
blind as those who refuse to see. the honest man will find that the inner
still small voice says that god exists and is alive today.
Men deny the existence of god not because they cannot find him but because
they are afraid to face the responsibility of being accountable to Him after
Atheism is one of the decil's tools to put men to sleep without accepting
salvation. If there is no God then I am not responsible to anyone and I can
live and die as I please, but in the quieter moments of reflection
theconscience of every man whispers, There is a God and only fools deny it.
To look up and see a plane and not see the pilot and say that the plane is
pilotless is as ridiculous as looking into the heavens and saying that there
is no God simply because we cannot see him.
Few of us have ever seen our brains, yet we belive that we possess them
because of a centralized control system in the body. Because we see creation,
We see God
The world is here. It must have come from somewhere. Somebody or something
must have caused it to come into Being at one time or another. Here is a
book, Someone must have written it. No printing press can of itself produce a
book, be it ever so modern a press with the latest electrical gadgets.
Someone built the Building. Someone created the trees. Someone operates the

If all the pieces of a watch were placed in a can and the can shaken gently
for a million years the watch would not be "accidentally" put together and
running. the only sensible answer to the problem of the existence of the
world is the existence of an itelligent Being whom we call God
A watch not only exists but it has a desiner. It was planned for a specific
purpose. A watch was not designed for mosquitoes to live in. It was designed
by a keen mind for the purpose of accurately telling the time.
An examination of the world and the things large and small shows that each is
dexigned by an intellignet mind for a specific purpose in life. The colors of
the bird and means of defence of the animals are not accidents. They are the
result of a plan of a superior planning mind of the orignator. So my friend
there is a God.