Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 02:14:24 +0000
Subject: The site

Dear Darwin,
What a great site!
We are told to respect people's beliefs but no-one should respect a belief
that is unjustified and without evidence. To say one must respect a racist is
ridiculous, so why isn't any more so to respect someone with superstitious
ideas of God and morality that are based on nothing more than blind faith and
prejudice? We must never accept something as 100% objective truth, what we
must do is constantly debate our reasoning with an open mind and critical
understanding, only this way will we come to the truth. There is far too much
ignorance and conditioning in our society. We should not teach with
propaganda, but with rational thought, this way our children will grow up with
a morality that something is only right if it causes happiness and wrong if it
causes pain. 
Best wishes,

P.S. Maybe the sight should be more informative and not so facetious, people
are more likely to take your very valid views more seriously!