Subject: scientific disproof of all things scientific
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 16:42:02 -0400

Jesus is God?!?!?!
Last time I checked, he was a prophet.  Just because the Christians have it wrong doesn't mean there's no God.

Explain the origin of the Universe? First there's no time, then suddenly, magically there's time? Good one.  (Don't try the loophole of time being a biproduct of the expansion of the Universe.  Stephen Hawking revoked that theory)
God exists outside of time, there is therefore no need for Him to be created.  He created time, and that is the only feasible way of anything existing.

Explain consciousness.  Our brains can be described in terms of a group of cells, each with its own particular function, memory capacity, et cetera. 
How is it, then, that we experience conciousness?  Is there a "head cell" we should be aware of?  No.  There is a collection of cells working together, yet individually, yet we experience consciousness as a single sensation, not a collection of billions of mixed messages.  Rather, our brain is the hardware, our soul the software.

Explain how the eyes developed.  The first creatures would have had no ability to "see" anything, to detect light, etc., and this ability could not have developed.  Our retinas receive the image upside down, various rods and cones are activated, the message is sent via the optic nerve to the brain, which flips the signals, and the picture is created in our mind.  This could not have evolved.  If a creature (magically, mind you) developed a cell to detect light, it would still lack the nerve to convay the signal, and the brain to interpret/use the image.  All three elements must be simultaneously present for the "eye" to be of any use.  However, according to evolution, each step takes thousands of years, by which time the useless cell would have "evolved out", as it serves no purpose but to consume energy that is needed for survival.  (according to survival of the fittest, any animal with any of these elements would be at a disadvantage, and the trait would not be passed on).  The same holds true for all of the other senses.

I could go on, but I grow weary.  Besides, it's time for my prayers.