To: "''" <>
Subject: question
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 21:57:19 +1200


If possible, I would like intelligent answers to the following.

Creation and Evolution ( in the context of origin )
are contradictions of one another.
Simply put, One is a lie.
I have a simple logical argument I would
like you to refute.

The theory of Evolution proposes the following :

That at some point in the past, a simple life
form evolved from non - life matter.

If we 'assume' that the above is true (note that an
assumption MUST be made, and we know what they say
about making assumptions)
then, this can be rewritten as :
Life comes from non-life.
But we also know through simple daily observation of billions
of cases,
That life comes from life....

In mathematical propositional logic, this is termed, "a contradiction".

Can you refute my argument please, because who can deny,
that I would not be very smart or interested in the truth if
I were to ignore this simple observational anomaly.