Subject: Re: Your Site
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 18:32:32 -0400

Stumbled across your site.

I've seen far tighter arguments and attacks on religion than your site, which comes across as remedial, bitter, fearful, extremist, and to a lesser degree, ignorant.  If you wish to rally or bring together
atheists/non-believers/what have you, you're most likely not reaching the ones that can actually bring about positive change - which is apparently your goal.

Rather, you're more likely to attract the remedial, bitter, fearful,
extremist, and ignorant members of your "camp,"  as you put it.  There are so many holes and broken links in your arguments, theories, flow charts, etc that it is an overwhelming task to even begin to engage your "discussion."  Your site looks no more credible or intellectual than a hard-core Christian fundamentalist's equivalent.

It's unfortunate. Clearly you have a passion for the subject, and a desire to fortify your take on it all.  Yet, you do whatever integrity your

If your convictions are solid and have integrity, why limit your "discussion" to such mediocre presentation and invite (or target) lacklustre criticism?  It reminds me of a hockey team with many years experience and good talent choosing to play only in the beginner's league.

Why not bring your ideas, arguments, conclusions, judgements and convictions to a higher level of discussion and thought; and, to a higher level of critique? 

What are you afraid of?