To: <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 14:33:03 -0400

You must be really impressed with youth little theories and how it causes so much controversy. Well my misguided friend you should not be so proud. When you go no one will remember your name. Sure your yuppie friends may tell their grandchildren how you used to give the server at Starbucks a hard time with insane babble just to see her reaction, but even those grandchildren will think nothing of it. The only thing that will live on is the word of peace, and love for humanity that Jesus and other religious figures tech. The idea that worldly processions are not that important in scheme of things. That really your little creative t-shirts mean jack-shit. And the fact you trash a persons religion to get attention is a display of the issues you must deal with everyday. That brave smile you wear would be a toothless one if it where trashing Islam, or Judaism, or Hinduism.