Subject: how unfair is that?
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 05:03:38 +0100

I'm caught between believing and becoming an athiest. I think the athiest side will win out. God is really really unfair in my opinion. For around 60-70 years of disbelieving, you get punished for billions, if not trillions of years. Also, from what I've heard, all of Hell is the same.  The way I interpret it, there is no difference in punishment between a kind old lady who's a disbeliever, and a sick perverted killer. Besides, if God's real, and I'd be going to Hell anyways, cause it's impossible not to sin, and I'm not much for begging forgiveness.  To put it another way:  I'll think I'm damned if I do (believe), but not if I don't.