From: "Thug Nigga" 
Subject: hey
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 04:57:38 -0000

Your a piece of shit, fuÁk you and the horse you rode in on bro. God is real and I guarntee you'll never see his beautiful face as long as you - die. God will shove a lightning bolt up your dick taking ass as you are falling toward the underground prision known as hell.
I hope you realize that children see you site and are influenced by the bullshit, if you had some faith in our lord you would be happier than you are now bro, your too damn stupid.
But lets play a game so that we dont have to be mad at eachother, there is one contestant and if you do what the instructions say then you win a free pass to heaven.
The game is called hide and go fuÁk yourself.


P.S. That pass expired a long time ago, back when you mom slapped you after you were born because she saw the horns on your fuÁkin little white bitch head and had to spend good money to get the fuÁkers removed.