Subject: Your web page
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 17:32:18 -0600

To Darwin
Hi! I just happened to stumble across your web site and I must say you've got some serious issues. I'm not going to sit here and curse you which is what I would like to do, because I would be wasting my time and frankly you're simply not worth it. I was not impressed with your "FuÁk You Father" shit at the end of your webpage. I don't feel that that was right. You have disrespected something that is very dear to myself and many other people in this world. If you want to say you're an Anthiest thats fine but don't disrepect a God that many of us believe in and turn to in our time of need. How would you like it if I called your mother a fuÁkin slut or whore? Its the same thing Buddy. I don't think you would appreciate somebody insulting somebody you love especially if it was your mother. Well thats how I feel about God. God is my father, my mother and mostly he is my best friend. Don't say or write shit like that its very rude and extremely ignorant. If you were a half decent human being with any
I can honestly say I can't understand you Athiests. What is so wrong with believing in God? What do you stand to loose if you do believe in the Christian God or any God for that matter? I don't think anything. My advice to you is to pick up a bible some time and read about a wonderful man named Jesus. You might change your mind. I leave you with this one quote I once read somewhere. It goes like this:
The Non-believer says "Show me God and I will believe in him."
The Believer Says: " Believe in God and he will show himself to you."
Darwin, give God a chance because you're missing out!!!!