Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 09:38:18 -0400
Subject: Tuth?

Hi Darwin
I stumbled on your site by mistake and was interested in your catchy
title. Your article possess some common arguments. I'm not sure what
your experience with church has been but my guess is that it would be
either Catholic or some kind of right wing fundamentalist religion. I
wouldn't be surprised if some churches preached that the Bible is not to
be questioned. My personal understanding of the scripture is that God is
secure enough that he can take our questioning. We don't have be afraid
of doubting, as long as we face our doubt with an honest seeking of the
truth. If we use our doubts as an excuse just to trough the whole thing
out then we are really not interested in truth at all. Rather we just
want a religion that fits our particular life style. Jesus says "seek
and you will find, knock and the door will be open for you." He is
challenging us to push through our doubts and questions. If you are
serious about asking hard questions and you are honestly seeking truth,
I challenge you to present your questions a number of different
theologians. How about giving Billy Graham a call? I'm serious. If you
really want the truth, don't just draw your own conclusions based on
what you see in broken religion. My friend, people will inevitably let
you down. The church when it gets it's own agenda turns into religion.
Men seek to elevate themselves in the the name of God. I fully
understand your distaste with religion and politics that is supposedly
based on the Bible. I am also disgusted with every one that responded to
you like you had put a rock threw their front window. My God is big
enough to handle your questions. He can fight for himself. My job is to
be in the world and to love all people, reflecting the love of Christ.
That's all. I am a Christian but hesitate to call my self anything else
because few churches have it right. There are plenty that have allot of
good stuff in them. They haven't all fallen under corruption.
Tell me how your conversation with Billy Graham goes.

Ps. If you are actually able to get hold of the guy I'd like to shake
your hand. Short of that, let me know where you are located and may be I
can hook you up with someone that can give you a little more refreshing
conversation then you are used to from Christians.