Subject: hmmm a few ?'s for creation!!!
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 02:17:46 -0000

Hey Darwin

If you believe in random chance and in Darwin's theory of absoulute shit... if you can answer anyone of these questions then I will believe in nothing as you do.

How can amino acids form a simple protein molecule just left up to time, chance and random disorder?  It's mathmatically impossible.  That's like trying to find a red grain of sand in a desert blindfolded.

How do you explain the law of thermodynamics ENTROPY

If evil exsits God exsits.  If evil didn't then God wouldn't right?

Do you have objective moral value?  If so how do you explain that? Or is it just socialogical/biological bullshit.

The odds that everything you see came by chance... 1 out of 10 billion to the 124 power Donald Page (cosmologist) absoulutly insane if you think we are here by chance.

Explain the HUGE GAPS in the fossil record.  Oh wait if you think we are great apes I think you are a fool.  Oh yeah what about nebraska man, peking man, hahaha please.

If evolution were true then we would be all clones of each other.  We are not.  We are so different down to the cellular level.  As well as the fact evolution is a continuous process right?  How then can it stop and start again?  Don't even tell me you think mutation actually creates or benefits the organism either dumbass.

Explain the DNA molecule to me.  Oh wait that's just all chance right.

More than ever before science is prooving the exsistance of God rather than the moronic atheistic view of oblivion and no hope of anything.

Here is a joke... two scientists said to God we can make man just like you did... so they took sand and put it into their machines, then God said "wait, get your own sand."

I will try to explain the trinity to you but to grasp it you have to first accept you aren't just worm food and you do have an eternal soul.

I'm sure you're quite logical and are seeking the truth.  Or maybe you're just a smartass like most athesists I've talked to.  Anyway check out these sites if you truely want to find answers...