To: <>
Subject: You are a real piece of work
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:51:18 -0500

I would just like to state that I am not a blindly led follower of any form of religion that purports to worship God, or Christianity for that matter. Im just a lone respectful believer in my Creator and all that He has done for me. Has it ever occurred to you that all the evil that you are condemning so-called Christians for is being perpetrated by just that, self-proclaimed Christians? Most of the beliefs that you lash out against are traditional doctrines taught by the Catholic Church and its offshoots, and are not substantiated in Scripture. Some even have their roots in pagan mythology. Examples: the Trinity, Hellfire, physical destruction of the planet at Armaggedon. So really all you are doing is picking on easy doctrinal targets that true scholars of the Bible have long uncovered as complete falsehoods. You are hardly a visionary in this respect.
Jesus said that the majority of followers would be led astray, and that many would do all sorts of works in his name and he would end up disowning them as the frauds that they were. Also, these churches that are stealing from people are run by imperfect human beings, not God. They can claim all they want that they are inspired of God but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. My younger brother exhibits the same inability as you do to separate a belief in God from a blind following of a church. It's really quite amusing that you *thinkers* can't make a solid distinction between the two.
Not only are your pieces wildly rambling works of foolishness, you consistently contradict yourself. Why write "F*** you father", blaming Him for the ills of earth if you don't believe in Him? If man evolved and there is no God, the only entity we have to blame for all the trouble on this planet is ourselves. So what are you doing to right the wrongs that your kind has brought to this planet? Other than a meaningless internet presence? Let me ask you, do you celebrate Christmas? Easter? In any aspect? If so, aren't you the hypocrite of the century?
I read your other articles too, and the only thing I came out of was a mild curiosity as to what kind of drugs you take when you write this stuff...must be some of that extra THC B.C. weed or something...either that or shrooms, as you clearly must have been hallucinating when you wrote most of it.
From someone who tried, really I did, to look at your writings objectively, I can only say that you are a pathetic loser. Do you not have anything better to do with your time?
I suppose you won't be brave enough to post my email up as you have a penchant for only posting those who a. support you or b. denounce you with either fire and brimstone or completely unreadable sentences, which I am obviously not going to lower myself to.
By the way, all questions or sentences that appear to be questions in this email are rhetorical and thus beg absolutely no response from you or any of your 'disciples'...'messiah'...what a laugh.