To: <>
Subject: your web page
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 21:14:05 -0800

While surfing this evening I stumbled across your web page. Initially I was very troubled by the content, but soon realized that I had found your site for a reason. God, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, sent me in your direction.
You express many concerns, all of which are justified by your claim to be an atheist messiah. You espouse the same theories that for years have tried to convince the human race that there is no "creator", but rather a fairly complex and unexplainable set of conditions that began billions of years ago. Theories, I might add that have been added to and subtracted from as necessary to maintain some form of scientific reality.
For example, there are only two ways to explain the existence of life on this planet. Either it is created, thus there is a creator; or it just is, thus evolution. If evolution is the "correct" argument then lets ask a few questions. Something, by your own definition a good atheist would always do. Why can no scientist explain (as a fact, not a theory) how the single cells at the beginning of the process came into existence? Science has been able to recreate these conditions, but the cells won;t do what Darwin said they already did. And why do these same cells, that must have required no reproductive assistance no longer exist? The evolutionary process relies on a theory that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory, nor can many of the stages of this process be explained. It is interesting that today's scientists are attempting to create life through a cloning process that more closely resembles God's methods than Darwin's. As for man, evolution depends upon dinosaurs and other prehistoric species living before the so called cave men. Yet scientific evidence proves that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time.
Much of the so called evidence associated the "cave man" stage of the evolutionary process has been created in order to support theories that could not otherwise be supported. For example, many of the skeletal remains have been altered, or in some cases created to provide the appearance of a "complete" cave man. This is not speculation or theory, this is the testimony of the scientists who did it. They claim it is a perfectly legitimate practice and they have techniques that maintain the scientific integrity of these projects. The most alarming case is the so called "Lucy" skeleton. This, as I'm sure your aware, is a complete skeleton and is considered to be one the best pieces of evolutionary evidence. To see and study it would leave most people with no doubts about evolution and would completely dispel a mythical creator. That is until someone knew the truth about "Lucy". You see "Lucy" is a single bone. That's it, nothing more than one bone. The rest of her was created in a laboratory.
Finally, you spend a lot of time talking about over population. Do you realize that if evolution were true, the population in the world today would be so large that each human would only have a 2 sqft. of living space. How is that possible? What happened to all the people?
Please allow me to tell you what I think happened. About 6 thousand years ago God created the Heavens, the earth, the plants, the animals, and yes, man. About 4 thousand years ago there was a flood that wiped out every living thing on the planet, except for one man (Noah) and his family who lived on a boat during the storm. They also lived with pairs of every animal species. Note they did not have a pair of every animal, just every species. For example they did not have every kind of dog, just one pair of dogs. The fact that dogs and other animals developed into various species is the closest thing to evolution you will ever get.
Anyway, this man and his family eventually got off the boat, and in accordance with God's command, they repopulated the world. This growth trend in the population continues today. It is interesting that if you take the estimated population today and apply the growth trend statistics; working backwards you come up with a world population that is just a little over 4000 years old. How is that possible? The answer is simple...there was a flood that wiped out just about everyone.
Normally this is where I would tell you about Jesus and the opportunity for salvation we have in him. However, this opportunity is dependent upon one's belief that he is the Son of God, and several other things. I am sure you have heard all of this before. I am also sure you have heard the arguments and questions I have listed in this email. I do not believe that this message will have a profound effect that results in a you making any kind of radical change.
I do hope and pray that maybe something I have said will serve as a seed for that grows in you and raises doubt about your current beliefs and causes the desire to consider mine. Nearly three years ago I believed almost exactly what you do today. Maybe not as radical in some areas, but close. God, through his son Jesus, showed me truth. This truth has changed my life. I know what it is like to be consumed with "what", "how" and "why" questions. I will not tell you I now have all the answers. But I do have the answers to those questions that really matter.
The great thing is that no matter how far away we get from God. No matter how often we reject him, he is waiting for us. He was waiting for me and he is waiting for you too. I would love to talk more about that and maybe, in time, introduce you to him.
If you feel the need to respond to this email, please do so. I would appreciate a response that treats me with the same respect that I have treated you with. If you would like to talk more about it, or would like to ask any questions, I'll do whatever I can to help.
Thanks for letting me visit your site and may the spirit of God convict you of your need for him in your life.