To: <>
Subject: THANK YOU!
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 23:45:59 -0500

Thank you, for a really down to earth page! I am definatley an athiest, so
thank for some interesting articles on how superior athiesits are. I believe
that relgion is for weak-minded people, who are insecure and fearful of
death as well as life. This imaginated story of a "God" is only a
fairy-tale, to comfort peoples insecurities and problems. Many christians
also claim that praying is where God speaks to them. This seems to me like a
case of hearing voices in your head, which links to Paranoia. I could pray
to a pillow or an empty beer can and be releived! On a different note I
would like to say I hate President Bush, and his plan to regulate religion
into the government. Yeah, thank you for your amusing site! Really! Also, I
am interested in getting one of those T-shirts! Those are cool. I would be
quite amused to see my brain-washed christians teachers reaction to it.
Well, See ya.

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To: J******
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: THANK YOU!

Hi J******,

Thank you for your supporting comments.  Assuming you live in the US you can obtain a t-shirt by sending a check or bank draft for $22 US which includes postage, etc. to:

Darwin Bedford
PO BOX 72103 Old Orchard P.O.
Burnaby, BC, Canada  V5H 4P9

and tell me where to send the T-shirt to (if different from the address on the check)

and tell me what size you want.

Darwin Bedford