Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 01:27:00

I stumbled onto this interesting site on accident. First of all, I would like to say that your page contains a multitude of mistakes and misnomers, even for a person as biased as yourself.
Atheism has no logical basis for it's conception. As a person who claims that there is no God, you have yet to show any evidence. The burden of proof lies on you. Even if you were to give a rebuttal to every apologetic for God being good, you would only have disproven those ARGUMENTS. If, by some surd, you could make the jump from induction to deduction and claim that you have proven your point, you would still only have evidences against a GOOD GOD. Neither of these shows logical basis for disbelief in God, a god, or many gods. In fact, the only way to not believe in anything natural or supernatural, is to know everything. You would have to know every subject, all of history, every structure of every organism, cell, molecule, chemical, atom and component of all of those, past present and future. By doing that, YOU would be God. The only way to disprove God is to be him, and in effect prove his existence.
 Atheism is age-old. Even early man claimed there was no God. Yet Newton, Jefferson, Anselm and C.S. Lewis all were believers. Few would claim to be smarter or more in touch with reality than any of these men, and fewer still would be telling the truth. Belief in God has never been hindered by rationale or intellect. It is merely a matter of the heart. If you don't want to believe, you won't. If you keep an open mind, you will. As far as contentment, there are miserable and joyful people in all walks of life. One cannot parallel one to another. I don't really buy your position, when I realize how much time and effort you've spent on your page. Considering most of the wording on your page, you don't seem to be one who disbelieves in God, but rather, one who is ticked off at Him, like a little child who's mad at his dad for not buying him a toy. You don't have to consider my thoughts (and I'm sure you won't, since I never listened to anyone when I was an atheist/evolutionist), but if you want to make your site a little more credible and historically accurate, you ought to read Josh McDowell's book "The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict."
 Sorry to cut this short, but I have to go, and I'm sure that even if I made this voluminous and as air-tight as possible, I doubt it would impact you at all. As a scientist, historian and philosopher, I laugh at you. As an ex-atheist and a current Christian I feel bad for you. If there IS NO God, you could be doing much better things with your time. If there IS a God, you could be doing much better things with your time. Why don't you prove it to yourself?