To: <>
Subject: we should talk
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:50:49 -0700

Are you upset or would you describe yourself as a level headed fellow?
why are you so bent on combating Christianity?
won't it fall away like any other religion?
you seem awful defensive, as if you believe but you are trying to prove to yourself that you don't. I find that odd. I don't want to argue, just discuss. I am the worthy adversary you've been looking for. I won't try to convert you but I bet we will have many in depth discussions. If you are willing.
As for me I am a hard working individual with little spare time. I do enjoy a good discussion, debate or argument.
I would challenge you to ask me any question you want. I am positive I will have an answer for each and every one. I think it would be cool if you posted the q and a's for all to see on a page titled apologetics. You could place a rebuttal next to each one. We could go back and forth for a long time. I am a valid, trained representative for Christ and I am authorized to speak on his behalf. I think its great that you are searching for answers. Most people who see something to be a lie usually just drop it and move on. You on the other hand have to many curiosities for that! Well I will be happy to answer all of your questions.
I'm sure we will never be friends, however I hope you write me often.
Brother B****