Subject: Uneducated
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 00:01:09 -0800

Hey Darwin,

        I quickly read through your web page, just from curiosity, and found you to be pessimistic and closed minded. Atheistic points of view is something I always find to be very harsh and use loaded emotional arguments all the time.  All of your points are incredibly subjective and have no scientific or strong foundation for them. They are quick and sharp and are intended to focus people on the wrong issues or make them doubt for a few minutes. 
Meanwhile you probably spent days preparing your loaded speal of how God does not exist.  For example, you said that "Jesus is a no show"  (2000 years) Did you ever consider that God may not be using the same time line as humans are?  Be careful before you use such loaded and weak arguments.  Here are few other interesting questions for you.  Be open minded about them and take the time to actually think.  If there is no God what makes humans the superior being?  Where does morality come from?  Where does life come from? 
(don't start talking about evolution because there is no ,I repeat NO proof for the theory what so ever)  You see, the Bible warns humanity about people like you. It says "In the end days there will be scoffers"  You atheists are so scared that to admit the existence of a greater being that you are WILLINGLY IGNORANT of the truth.  You constantly feel the need to bash things like the Bible without every reading it.  That would make your points of view biassed and uneducated.   Next time you write a web page like this make sure that you're extra careful when you start shoot off your opinions trying to ruin peoples faith in the Bible.
One last thought.  Do know everything in the world? (NO)  Do you know 50% or everything?(NO)  Lets pretend that you know half of everything in the world.  Is it possible for God to exist in the half you do not know?   Think about it Darwin, just look at how this world and space were created.  There is no way that the solar system or life happened by chance, plain and simple. Here is a good analogy, try throwing the 26 letters of the alphabet in the air and have them fall on the ground and in exact positioning of the letters create paragraphs.  There's an interesting thought.
I enjoyed responding to your page and would like it very much if you wrote me back.  Remember,take your time and think before you write something completely uneducated, emotional, or irrelavent.  Write me about evolution or anything that might spark an interesting debate.