Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 23:38:40 -0500
Subject: to one who does not believe anything absolutely
From: C***** L***** 

Dear Sir,
This is a long letter but I'll bet your used to that.  I signed it and left contact information if you care to reply.
My definition of God is that of a God that is all powerful and does exist.  If you try to change my definition, that is to say for instance that god is not all powerful then I will have to agree that your definition of a god that is not all powerful is the definition of a god that does not exist. So even if you could prove your point through some means, the instant I agreed with you I would be talking about a different definition than that of an all powerful God that does exist.  So we will have proved nothing because every point taken changes the definition of an all powerful God which does exist.
I base my faith that there is a God, solely on the fact that existence itself is so mind boggling to me, that after I consider that I exist, my only conclusion is that miracles are possible.
You yourself can test nature.  That is a miracle.   Isn't that fact wondrous and marvelous?  Examine nature and declare that their is no cause.  Existence itself proves the existence of God.  You have to go no further. 
You are the proof!
I am awed by nature.  My breath that rushes into my chest and my beating heat are so incredible that I do not understand how anything could ever be discounted as a miraculous possibility including the existence of God. 
When one does not believe that a being exists that is greater than himself doesn't that means that he believes that he is the most supreme being?  If man is the panicle of his own existence then naturally, to believe in anything greater would dethrone him.  There is a hint of arrogance in atheism.
So he denies the existence of God all the while proclaiming that there is no greater authority than himself on which to base his findings.
The fact that you have entered into the debate at all may prove that there is a part of you trying to destroy something you fear could exist.  Why else would it concern you? 
If there is no God then the biological animals that you call man have no more right to exist than not exist.  What is the standard that gives life more legitimacy than inanimate existence or for that matter non existence. 
Who are you trying to heal from the error of their false god believing ways?
You cry out inside that it matters for people to be whole and know truth.  Why?  Where does the cry for wholeness and truth come from?  Biological responses?  Heredity?
You have passion about what you have determined is the right thing for people and the planet.  What makes it right?  Is their intrinsic worth? Who places the value on it? 
Where does your passion come form?  Is a learned response?  Then what makes it more valid than my learned response, my belief that there is a God? 
Why is biology fascinating?  Why is their intrinsic worth in nature?  Why try to save the rain forest?  Because it exists?  For what purpose?  Where is the value? Why keep from turning our planet into chemical soup?  Is their more value in biological soup?  Why? 
Something in you screams out that there is worth.  That something is your connection to God. Any sense of right or wrong is your connection to God.  You deny His existence all the while allowing his values of worth be the reason for your motivation.
Yes population is a problem; Yes we are turning our planet into chemical soup and it's tragic beyond words or actions; Yes extinction of species is a terrible shame and along with everything else you have mentioned about our planets demise on your web page titled "Atheism: The New Intellectual Authority"
What gives the planet it's sacredness and right to be saved?
Why is it worth saving?  I agree with you about our pollution filled planet.  But why do you have passion about it?  It's only matter.  Once its over its over. What you feel, your intrinsic knowledge of the worth of life, your passionate drive to make things right,  that is the part that of you that proves to me that God exists.
It's that call to what is important.  Even you passion to help people not be duped into religious belief comes from a basic sense that to be deceived is wrong.  Where do you get that righteous feeling that you are called to help save mankind? 
Thank you!  I am convinced!  You have doe it for me! There must be a God because even in the creation that denies Him there is a glimmer of what I have found God to Be!
C***** L*****
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To: C***** L*****
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: to one who does not believe anything absolutely

Dear C***** L*****:

You are losing your confidence in God at an alarming rate--keep those questions coming!  You have raised some very good points that I would like to address more fully than I have time for right now.  I have just had my carpets replaced and the place is a mess.  I promise to explain why there is "a hint of arrogance in atheism".

Darwin Bedford