Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 08:39:01 -0800 (PST)
Subject: How are you doing


Everyone will stand before Jesus Christ on the Last
Day. I pray that God will have mercy on your soul. You
are a VERY deceived man by the Devil. And the Bible is
real because it says, " People will say they are the
Messiah." You are a living product that the Bible is
real. Thank you! I was having questions about the
Bible myself, but now that I met you, I know the Bible
is real. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! So think about that. So
everytime you say or think that you are the Messiah,
you are actually saying,"The Bible is real." You are a
living product :-). You are helping alot of wavering
Christians. You are the proof that the Bible is real.
Now I know the Bible is real, I am going to read to
find out what I have to do to satisfy the Will of God.
Also the Bible says," There will be Anti-Christ....and
you are a anti-Christ. See...the Bible is real.
Everything the Bible said about you is true. But you
can always turn your heart to Jesus. It is not too
late. Ask yourself this deep question. " Do I want to
go to Hell or Heaven ?" Hell will be 7 times hotter
than normal fire 24 hours a day. Heaven will be
paradise. Think about that sir. For now on everytime
you get hot or burned you will think about how hot it
is in Hell. I will tell my friends about this website
and point to them that God is real because you say you
are the Messiah like the Bible says. Now they will
start living for God. Sir, you can turn your Heart to
Jesus. Now that you know the  Bible is real, don't you
think you better start repenting and getting your life
in order? Let me help you.

P.S. You are LIVING proof the Bible is real because,
you say you are the Messiah and you are a anti-Christ.
You are going to help alot of non-Bible believers.
Let's get it right today. Repent. Heaven or Hell