Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 10:44:53 -0600
Subject: Hell
To: <>

You know your a sad case. Why have you not been convinced that there is a
God who loves you dearly. He has created you and all of the people in the
world. There is proof everywhere that he exists. Just study the Bible and
you will be convinced. I promise that if you just give God a try, he'll blow
your mind away. He loves you and wants to spend eternity with you. If you
are not a Christian when you die, you will spend an eternity in HELL. No it
won't be a party. There will be nothing but pain and suffering for all
eternity. If you are a Christian, you will spend an eternity in Heaven with
your SAVIOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER. Have you never heard of how Jesus died to
save you from your sins. He died for everyone in the world and even of you
were the only one on this earth, he still would have come down from Heaven
and sacrificed his life so you would have a chance to spend eternity in
heaven with God. He died and rose again in three days. How can you not
believe in God. He is SO AMAZING. He blesses us and watches over us with his
angels. But when you're dead, and in HELL, there's no way out. Wouldn't you
rather spend an eternity in Heaven?
In Christ,