Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 01:51:06 EST
Subject: Too True

               A very good site, I agree with you.
Too many people are scared to (come out ) and say what you say, especially in
small towns. They are brainwashed to follow the flock, even worse in poor
The thing that realy gets me though, is that in so called enlightened
societies they still follow the faith for political ends.
Can anybody name a politician who does not believe in a god ?
Thought so !!!!!
 Money and power are the real sins.
They corrupt everything.
They like to go to as in U.K. to church every sunday, but make sure there are
press photographers there to witness their pious care for the poor and sick.
Where are the royal family and politicians at christmas ? At the church
paying lip service to the christian faith. While underwriting big companies
to screw us and the third world .