To: <>
Subject: The "Something" Exists Theory.
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 20:41:07 -0800

Hi Darwin!
Your reasoning is very interesting, I certainly could have used an alternative to conventional religious dogma when I actually thought there might be some truth to the insanity. However, I was fortuitous enough (and kinda smart too.) that I began to correlate the religious dogmas with modern psychology, philosophy and physics. Lets reason and see if there is another viewpoint that may open heretofore unexplored ideas, for your consideration.
Let us assume that the scientific principle of cause and effect is true, namely that you cannot have an effect without a cause, this can be easily tested as true or false by our observation of physical events and activities of thought. Now this would imply that before the known Universe and all that it contains came into effect, something, we know not what caused the material Universe to come into existence. This something, is either the God of Religion, The Big Bang theory, or possibly as your namesake Charles Darwin suggested, an Evolution of Consciousness. Whatever you conclude, something started this big ole Universe movin along and we want to know and not theorize about what is true.
Before forms of matter appeared to us (at least the forms of matter can see) there was another causative energy, or consciousness. (consciousness as you probably know is defined as "having the ability to receive a stimuli and the ability to respond thereto") be continued...if your really, really, curious.