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Mr. Bedford,

I sent an email to you yesterday with a subject "Just
a Thought". I hope I can see it in your postings of
your feedback page. Post it please.

By the way, I strongly request with you TO TAKE OUT
the picture of my praying LORD JESUS CHRIST, YOU are
putting words in HIS Prayer picture that is like YOU
are the one SWEARING to our GOD.

What will you feel if I will put a picture with you in
some other website? If Jesus is a human and a live
like you , maybe he will come to your place in Burnaby
uproot your evilness, Cutting your head and your whole
family BUT because he is God, he doesnt do it. He
didnt came to punish and judge and codmen people but
to save them.

I like you to replace the picture with the one I
prepared so you will not spend time doing it. I am
doing it for you.

Take Care


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