Subject: empirical correlation versus what I think should be
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 10:40:36 -0400

you list several problems at

and make the unsubstantiated claim that a false belief
in a messiah can only make things worse- implying that
Christianty is "bad."
Yet, "One Nation Under God" seems to be addressing these issues
more effectively than the "intellectual" nations that have recognized
that religion is only an opiate. Can you explain why this empirical
evidence is less compelling than your empty assertion? Or,
is Chernobyl not a big environmental issue or an isolated incident of
of bad luck?

Empirically, Christianity has been linked to a stable society which
has held together long enough to profit from the investment in science
more effectively than more "rational" societies. Non-Christian cultures that are being widely afflicted by AIDS (as once example), aren't in much of a position to worry about declining fish supplies...

Any info you have that can put your comments into a more complete perspective would be appreciated.


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Smyrna GA