Subject: Marilyn Manson
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 19:45:01 -0000


     I'm a 14 year old Atheist from Malta (Euroupe), I think your website is really great!! lots of fantastic material in it.  Anyway to get to the point...I recently succeded in convincing a friend of mine that god (which I spell with a small 'g') is a joke...The strange  thing is that the arguments which convinced her were not of Carl Marx,Bertrand Russel, Mark Twain etc... But Marilyn Manson!
     Now I'm a great fan of his, I love his revolutionary ideas and I don't think he is a gimmick.  However he has a morbid facination with death.  Now I'm sure he's convinced lots of christians that god does not exist, but he also encourages violence...what do you think about him?
    Do you think the world needs atheism at all costs or are there limits? I mean surely a christian Is much better than a violent maniac....Please tell me what you think.
    I also go to a church school and I'd like to say that the ignorance of the priests there convinced me that if god exists he is not worthy of worship...The headmaster (who still thinks I'm gonna be the next pope)is always telling me what a great priest I'm gonna be!...He still doesn't know who drew the inverted crosses on the toilets...

                             Hasta la Victoria Siempre!