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I not much of a believer in God, he may be out there, he may not.  There is definately something more that we can see, unless you are ignorant enough to believe that in this infinate universe that we live in, we are the only ones and it all revolves around us.
What I do know is that you are an IGNORANT YANKEE FUK!!  I think the last people in this world that we need to worry about are the ones with faith that go to church.  The people that we do have to worry about are people like you, as we live in an age that allows people like you to spread your supidity to a wide array of ignorant fuks that are dumn enough to think you are right.  Do the world a favour, kill your wife, kill your family, and then yourself.  Maybe, with any luck, someone will do it for us.  And you can bet it won't be someone that goes to church on a weekly basis.
May you bleed from your eyes and die a slow painful death, you useless tit.
Yours truly,
A. D. Weaver
P.S.  Blow me faggot!!

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