Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 09:40:36 -0800 (PST)
Subject: FYI
To: Darwin Bedford <>

Hi Darwin/Dave,

Happy New Year.  I'm just passing along some info that
may be of interest to you, if you don't already know
about it.

I have been living sans radio for quite some time;
however, over the holidays (Ah...the holidays...that
they could continue permanently...) I borrowed my
roomate's radio a couple of times. 

I ended up tuning into a radio talk-show that I hadn't
heard in a few years.  I was pleasantly and amusedly
surprised by the topic that unfolded before me, which
is what I'm writing to you about. 

Prior to tuning into this station, though, I had been
radio station "cruising" to hear who was playing what
- am and fm - just to get some continuous decent music
and/or other content of interest.  During the
cruising, I came across the inevitable Christian
proselytizing (?) stations deep into their stuff.  I
listened just to hear what they were saying, then
moved on.  After hearing some of these it crossed my
mind: Someone should have/start up an atheist radio
show, just for the balance, you know? and fairness.

Well, not a couple of days later, when I tuned into
this old program that I occasionally used to listen to
in my former radio days, I came across almost just
that.  Praise the "blank blank".  My very thoughts
were answered in the form of Ray Taliaferro, radio
talk-show host in San Francisco on KGO 810am radio.

He doesn't actually come out and say: This is an
atheist talk-show, but it's everything short of the
actual word when he gets going on the topic of
religion.  The only problem is, unfortunately, that
Ray's show is in the middle of the night, i.e. from
1:00 - 5:00 a.m.  It's his regular slot - been doing
it for years.  So, it is not a convenient time for me
to listen, especially now that I'm back in the swing
of things with school. But, I'm glad I got a taste
again over the hols.

Ray's talk usually focuses around politics
particularly, of late, about the new US
administration. Sometimes also he devotes a whole show
to "Poetry Night" (people call in and read their
compositions over the air) and then there are nights
when he lambastes Christianity, or any religion, but
he focuses, as he says on Christianity because 1.
approx 90% of Americans profess to be of this faith;
2. his show is in the United States, so he directs his
comments to what's happening there.

He chews Christianity to shreds, and while
occasionally he really lets loose and gets mad on the
air, he also has fun with it.

What I wanted to tell you about is a program (the one
I tuned into over the hols) which I had not heard in
the past, one I learned that he doesn't always do,
although now that the Republicans are in in the
States, he may step up his programming with it.
Anyhow, it's called "Chapel Night" (which he does
mid-week as a take-off on Christians who meet mid-week
to keep up the prayer stuff, etc.).  There is another
Chapel Night happening tonight (Wednesday starting at
1:00 a.m., or correctly speaking Thursday very early).
 I think it's worth the listen if you can, or know
anybody who can, or possibly someone could tape the
show for replay later?

They have a website also:
and you can find a picture of Ray on the list of

I wish I could listen in again tonite. Maybe for a
weenie bit, but not the whole thing as before.  Enjoy
if you get to hear it.  It's fun and refreshing.

KGO can be heard from Mexico to Alaska and for some
distance inland, so they have a wide audience. I like
listening to the callers.

Take care,