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On one occasion lightning struck a church and killed 11 members of the congregation.  Usually you hear the comment "God acts in strange ways sometimes."  Usually they don't acknowledge that the devil has any such powers.  The devil can only possess people and make them do crazy shit.  Whatever they want God to have credit for, God gets the credit, i.e., when a football player catches a touchdown pass--God wanted it that way for the pass receiver.  The business of transferring credit to God does not apply to the negative.

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Here's a recent story that appeared in the Dallas News site this afternoon.  If we athiests were to get these churchgoers' comments on tragedies like this, these religious nuts would probably say "the evil one did it", or "It was time for them to go". What do you think?


Four killed in church van accident


Associated Press

JOLLY, Texas Four people were killed this morning after a church van carrying 12 church members from Burkburnett had a blowout, losing control and rolling three times, officials said.

The van, carrying members from the First Assembly of God church, crashed about 8:30 a.m. on U.S. 287 just south of the town of Jolly.

They were traveling from Burkburnett, which is near the Oklahoma border, to Gainesville on a shopping trip.

Seven of the church members were being treated at United Regional Health Care Center in Wichita Falls, said hospital spokeswoman Teresa Pontius. Two others were transported to Clay County Hospital in Henrietta, where one was dead on arrival.

The van was carrying a group of women ranging in age from 53 to 73, Pontius said.

Jolly is about 115 miles northwest of Dallas.