Subject: Your faith............
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 08:40:30 -0500

Interesting read........., clearly you are frustrated with the "common
understanding and explanations" of God, and His world.  However, out of 1.7
million topics that you could chose to write and comment about.........,
you've chosen this as one of them, or maybe the only one!

This indicates to me that "something" is churning inside.........., and
you've done exactly what you should do......., vent it out, and let us know
how you feel that Christianity today is giving you the "song and dance".

The last 65 years of the presentation of the Gospel...., has in fact,
probably as you put it, knocked God off the wall.  We have done a miserable
job (actually an incredibly great job at screwing it up) in representing
"God".  The only intent of the maker and provider of your every breath, was
for him to be glorified, in everyway., shape and form. 

We, since the days of conquering NorthAmercia, and killing all whom did not
want to be "saved"  (figure that!), have gotten quite distracted by one sole
event, "the life and story of Christ". Not wanting to diminish this
incredible event, it was "one" event. Again, going back to/for the same
reason " To Glorify God ". 

Not believing in the God of creation, only leaves you with "Darwin's"
theories.........., which by my calculation, takes about 27 times more faith
than what I need to believe in God, and what lies ahead for the ones who
believe, VS the ones who don't. So, if it's God your bucking, your a
gambling man that has the much larger cohunas than I !!!

In summary, now that you've flushed out your thoughts, odds are very much in
your favour, that the road your pursuing, will lead you to the truth, so
don't stop.!!