To: <>
Subject: a small suggestion from countless recommendations
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 17:30:44 -0600

I am not a man of eloquent speach.  Should i try, i would be unable to
relate for you a response worthy of your apparent knowledge.  My only
suggestion would be to consider the many works of the late C.S. Lewis.  You
call yourself the "athiest messiah" (something of an oxymoron if i may give
my opinion).  If you are unfamiliar with Lewis he would understand your
athiest arguments. For many years he held positoins at Cambridge and Oxford
as a professor of literature as a stout athiest.  Nowadays, you will find
his writings in any Christian bookstore, and most likely, in many "less
threatening" environments such as Chapters or Indigo.  Lewis' books have
been recommended to me many times.  I do the same for you.