From: "J**** N*******" 
To: <>
Subject: tough call
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 16:11:34 -0400

        You're a man with a mission. If nothing else, that's a good thing. It's my
belief that too many people go through their lives doing what they think
others find appropriate for themselves (it's called the looking glass
        That being said, I think the fact that you're looking to correspond with
all those who will take you on is also a good thing because it shows that
you're not so set in your ways that you aren't open to the opinions of
others. The smartest and wisest arguers are those who can listen and learn
form their opponent's points.
        You tackle some really good issues, issues I myself think about. I disagree
that the Bible is a be all and end all of the Catholic religion. To me, it
just doesn't make sense, the bible is so full of sexism and so obviously
written or "interpreted" by man, that we can't go on what it says literally.
Let's face it, God didn't write the Bible that we read today. It has since
been re-written. Have you ever played the game telephone? What I'm trying to
get at is that you shouldn't base your decision that there isn't a God and
therefore isn't need for religion on the Bible. I consider myself Catholic
to a certain extent, but I don't believe in what the bible says verbatim
        Some tough questions for you Mr.Darwin (I get the joke) where did we come
from if there isn't a God? That is the question that we all come down to. I
haven't figured out where I stand on the God issue, and the reason I haven't
come to a decision is because I can't answer that question. I believe that
until you ask yourself that question and can answer it then it isn't right
for you to "lead" others to believe what you believe. Perhaps you should
prompt others to ask certain questions, but atheism isn't what you know,
it's what you're guessing because let's face it, you can't prove there isn't
a God. Can you? You can make guesses, you ask questions, and you can look at
how messed up some of the religions are, but you can't say there isn't a
god. Bottom line. What makes you think that you've figured out something
that advanced that the rest of human kind wasn't able to. Including those
who have devoted their lives to such questions that are infinitely brighter
than you and I.
        No offense, but being unhappy with popular religion and politics is not new
nor is it cause for an earthshocking epiphany that you need to share wit the
world. We're all searching for answers, when you find yours is when  I
suggest you can help others.



To: "J**** N*******"
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: tough call

First of all the idea that there is a God came from man.  I can certainly demonstrate that the idea is silly.  The whole idea of god came from asking "Where did everything come from?".  Before there was the idea of one God there was the idea of many gods.  If there is a God then where did he come from?  How did he come about?  What is his purpose for being?  Have you shut your ears yet because the Bible teaches not to question God?  Perhaps the God that you are referring to was created by another God.  Using this logic, this explanation would suffice as an answer to "Where did God come from?". 

Darwin Bedford