Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 00:26:50 EST
Subject: (no subject)

hey Darwin,

    Post this on your feedback for all of those high strung brainwashed
believers of the higher being!
    Throughout the centuries the "Holy Book" has been revised over and over
and over again.  Let me ask you  people this. 
    1.)  If this Holy Bible was not in any type of existence would you still
believe what you know today? 
      2.)   How can YOU the people of so many religions have so many
different stories about an event that tok place so many thousands years ago??
    3.) This question is for about 99.8% of you, how can you preach about the
bible and try to convert us, and still condem to some kind of sin at the same
time??  Wouldn't that make you a hypocryte?
    4.)  Why is it that you don't want to hear what we have to say half the
time about what we believe, are you that afraid of the real truth??  Because
you have been so brainwashed your whole llife that you believe in a bigger
white lie.
    5.)  I want you to really prove to me that there is a higher authority
than your mommy and daddy, who probablly whopped your little asses when you
were children and then turned around and said that they still loved you, but
you still believed them didn't you?? 
    6.) In regards to ?#5, you basically believed anything that they said, if
you didn't the cycle would happen of course you would believe in
a god!
    7.)  And to answer some people ?'s about why do you say '"OH GOD!" when
you are having sex, because half the time just before you are about to climax
you forget the other persons name and you just say you dog's name backwards!!

            For all of you religious people out there, ask your self this

                At what age did your parents start telling you about a god?? 
    Do you only believe that there is one because that is what you were told??