Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 20:35:32 EST
Subject: finally, some open minded people. 

hey my name is m*** and i am 17 years old. i am of jewish ancestry but i do
not practice religion or believe in god. I believe in energy forces and stuff
like that, but not an allpowerful being that is looking down on us and
watching our every move. i just can't get over some of the shit that those
religious people have been preaching about. first, let me start off by saying
that i am not racist, sexist, or prejiduced against anyone. I think of
blacks, hispanics, women, gays, and even christians as being equal. but i
just cant get over what some religious people say. Especially christians. All
through my life i have been given the message that i "will burn in hell" and
that my religion was not as good as the christian faith. I made the mistake
of mentioning that i didn't believe in god in a health class two years ago
and the teacher started bullshitting me about how the bible was totally
right. I told him that in the bible it also says that if you don't worship
jesus you will burn in hell, him knowing that i was jewish and all. I asked
him if he even believed that was true. He answered yes. Worse yet, everyone
in the class, except maybe for a few people, backed him up. The only people
who told me that i did the right thing in sticking up for my beliefs were my
parents. The bible, although based on truth, is pretty fuÁkin far from being
true. It was written by people. the people back then did not know anything
about science so if the saw a meteor shower or something, they thought it was
god, and wrote it down. People back in those days that thought they heard
voices from god were probably just schizophrenic. Events in the bible, such
as wars, might have happened, but the people in it, like adam and eve are
made up. Even though i am straight, i hate how these religious idiots treat
gays and lesbians. As long as people are happy and not hurting anyone, who
gives a rat's dick who they choose to love? I hate to say it but christianity
is one of the most aragant, rutheless, and narrowminded religions. I try to
except everyone, but a lot of them piss my shit up. Don't get me wrong;
everyone should practice and believe how they like, but they shouldn't shove
their religions and beliefs up other people's asses. Anyway, i hope you can
relate to what i am saying and i just want to say thanks. Also, you can email
me with your questions and comments if you'd like. Thanks again!  M***