To: <>
Subject: Apologies and feed back - Jehovah Witenesses
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 13:48:58 -0700

I was raised as a Jehovah Witness and did participate in their "service" (going door to door spreading their lies) and despite my ignorance (and numerous objections to participating) I was none the less part of spreading their disease.  I would like to say that the thought of this having been part of my life makes me ill.  As a child I thought all other non-JW's were part of "satan".  At school I was the object of much abuse from other children because of this idiocy.
So I would like to apologize to anyone that I may have influenced towards that judeo-christian cult, in any way.   To any one that I have insulted with the claim that only the 'Witnesses' have the Truth.
I was an ignorant brainwashed child at the time.  What's their excuse?
  I would like to demand an apology from that horrid cult that would rather see children die then have a blood transfusion.  As well as an apology from all the Bible pushers in the world that would support teachings from a book where one of their great leaders (Moses) not only condones but commands murder and rape (and we all know that just one pitiful example of their horrors).
Love your site..  I was looking for Stats canada, but who cares ;)
ps - someone thinks he can rebuke you by saying circumcission is jewish in origin, not christian.  Whatever!  99% of Christians practice it and enforce it.  What a bunch of bull.  His motivations are obviously hostile with no real foundation in reason.
Have fun