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I'm a twenty five year old, native Atlantan, I have been here all my life. Except when I went off to boot camp. I was stationed in Kirchgoens, Germany (affectionately dubbed "The Rock". During my stay there I went on three peacekeeping missions, I served as Asst. communications chief, communications chief, Infantryman, S-3 automation specialist, and functioned as translator while in Macedonia. (No atheists in foxholes huh?) [Reginald V. Finley, the Infidel Guy] Before the military I used to sing with a group called Forte'. They are now called 112. Check out my pics to see "Slim"(one of the members of 112). I used to go around and sing with them in church and stuff like that. But it was never really me. As time moved on I got older and had to make some choices in my life. With the edging on of my mother I quit the group and joined the U.S. Army. I attended church there often. The pastor made sure that he made the point that singing can't get you into heaven.  I later left that church and was partitioned by a "prince" with the local Masons there to join up. There were way too many secrets for me so I declined. My mom always said, "Anything worth knowing is worth sharing." I heeded that advice.

I left the Army with an Honorable discharge and returned to the US. A whole new world awaited. I accumulated some college credits so I decided to go to school. I attended St. Leo College at Fort Mcpherson and came out with an Associates degree. Ninety hours later I realized that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I felt as if I was wasting time. The Army paid for school so that was cool. Ironically enough, the director of the school is an atheist. He lead me to reason by inviting me to take a course called, "Atheism." The text book we used was by George H. Smith, "Atheism, the case against God." I never realized how stupid I had been all those years looking for an imaginary being. Trying to live my life according to pastoral doctrine. I know that if I would have lived my life completely according to the Bible I would have been a mean and horrific person.

I'm glad I am now able to think freely. I never was before. As a Christian, I thought I was free because this Jesus character was going to save me, but destroy everyone else that didn't believe. I now have a deeper love for humanity, nature, and the Universe. It is my hope that all will one day learn of this love that most freethinkers have. I never could have loved people they way I do now if I were still a Christian. Christianity taught me to love Jesus more than my fellow man, and that is a travesty. I am now self employed and I decided to publish a web site. Motivated and inspired by Jake and Dan with the AFL show.   I sought out to change things. I have learned so much more as an atheist and I am now better prepared to hold my own in debate. So let's talk......  

I'm a 26 year old from Rochester, NY. I can remember, when I was a little girl, going to a big Presbyterian church with my father most Sundays. I loved it. Oh, not for the church, but because after church I was going to see my two best friends. My Sunday routine was to go to church, fall asleep on my dad's lap during the sermon and then play with my weekend friends. When my parents divorced, no more church, no more weekend friends.

As I grew older, God was someone that we thanked on Thanksgiving, and at Grandma's. I often asked, "If Christmas is Jesus' birthday, why are we getting the presents, and why don't we go to church on Easter?" I was told, "Next year," but next year was just more presents, eggs, and little nasty marshmallow chicks. So, I gave up. [The Infidel Guy's wife Amber] Then God became someone that you only made reference to, such as, "Only God knows," "God damn," and other meaningless reflexive statements. Yet, I maintained my status as a Christian. I drank, I smoked, I disobeyed my parents, I had premarital sex, I even took the lord's name in vain. I often wondered what I would be like when I got to Heaven. Everyone else's sins were scrutinized, gossiped about, and I was quite sure that I would hear them screaming from the pits of Hell. Some had done the exact same things as I had, but I thought God loved me too much to send me to Hell.

Occasionally, I went to church, and endured a long, boring service about nothing. I "amen"ed, and I would mutter, "praise God," with the rest. All the while, I was glancing at my watch and itching in my seat.

After I moved to Atlanta and had my son, I met a born-again Christian. She seemed so happy and full of love, whereas I was not. I followed her "light" and went to her church. I moved in with her and we became best friends. She often told me that she couldn't wait until I could speak in "tongues." I felt as if she was trying to pressure me to fake it.
She was a married girl who was separated. She took joy in pointing out my errors and sins. Yet when one man paid her any attention, she moved him into our small one bedroom apartment. She would have sex with him while my three year old listened. She would silently accuse me of trying to steal her man. I felt that she was a snake. Thus ending my quest as a saved and sanctified, born-again Christian.

Yet, I held on to God. Because no one challenged my "beliefs". No one said, "Do you believe this stuff?" No one asked, "What is a soul?" Then I met Reginald V. Finley, the Infidel Guy. He flat out asked me the questions that I pushed to the back of my head. He made me think about what I was. I realized I was a freethinker the whole time, disguised as a Christian. I will not lie, at first I was terrified. How could there be no God? What would happen when I die? What if I'm wrong?

I know more about the Bible now than I did as a Christian. I don't believe I'm wrong. If there is a God, I don't believe that we humans have any tangible knowledge of it. I definitively know that the Bible is too fantastic and inaccurate to be true. I am an atheist.

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