Why God is Siding With bin Laden
A Possible Explanation
by Darwin Bedford   
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Repugnant as it is, we have to consider the evidence and the facts.  

1) The World Trade Center buildings were completely destroyed while occupied by thousands of people.  Even bin Laden admits that the results of his attack far exceeded his expectations.
2) The almighty American Military have not yet killed, or captured, or located bin Laden.  This is reminiscent of one of those exaggerated East Indian hero movies.  We can only conclude that God must be protecting him.
3) There is only one God and bin Laden credits Him for his personal success.  Some Muslims wear "God is Great" on their headdresses--for they are certain that God is on their side.
4) God takes sides.  Losers never say anything about God, but winners thank God routinely.

Having established that God is siding with bin Laden, we now must ask ourselves why.  Could it be America's foreign trade practices?  Here are some examples of America's trade polices that God cannot ignore.

-- Economic sanctions on Iraq have already killed over 500,000 Iraqi children.
-- Over two thousand foreign companies have been penalized since 1980 for dumping (selling their products to Americans at prices lower than those approved by the U.S. government).  Take softwood lumber for instance.  To protect jobs of U.S. lumber mills the U.S. Commerce Department has set two duties totalling 29 per cent for most Canadian lumber producers.  Several thousand jobs have been lost in Canadian lumber mills as a result.  No tariffs were imposed on raw logs, however, so as to ensure a steady supply of fiber for the U.S. lumber mills.  The Americans don't care if they consume the remainder of Canadian forests, but perhaps God does care.
-- In 1997, Canada banned the import of a gasoline additive called MMT, because its primary ingredient, manganese, is a known toxin.  This public health law was challenged by the American company that produces MMT under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Their argument was that the Canadian law would harm the company's profits.  Now Canadians have a dangerous neurotoxin allowed in their gasoline, and there is nothing they can do about it.

It seems that with every passing day we learn of another instance of how American protectionists are causing grief and despair around the world -- so much so that even God is wanting to get involved.  

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