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With the powers vested in me as the Atheist Messiah I hereby declare religion passť.

Jesus is a No-Show
The story of Jesus Christ proclaims that He will reappear.  He has not, and it has not been for 100 years, nor has it been 1,000 years, but it has been for a whopping two thousand years.  Generations upon generations of people have been misled for their entire lives. It is time that we persuade believers of this story to accept that Jesus is a no-show.

All religions are cults that grew in popularity.  Dogma was passed from one weak-minded person to the next like a disease until it became an "established religion."  

It is time to consider religion in a new light -- as an aberration of our past.

Some encourage religious toleration but I maintain that religious dogma should not be tolerated. Just as tobacco is a big killer, religion is a killing monster as well. And just as smoking wastes one's life, religious devotion  is a waste of one's time too.

Religious beliefs should be laughed into the past.   Religions are outmoded.  Religious teachings are no longer acceptable,  current, or usable.  This is not hate literature -- this is love literature.  Along with preparing a meal for someone one of the most loving things you can do for a person is to tell them the truth.  I am participating in the freeing of two groups of people -- those that are in the closet about religion and those that have succumbed to it.  Often members of both of these camps coexist within the same family.  Religion is as silly as superstition.  

People that carry holy books wherever they go should realize that most others treat them as they would a person walking down a busy street while talking to a pink plastic parrot on their shoulder.

Join my Power To Say No campaign to mount an all-out assault on religion.  We need to reverse the spread of religious nonsense that has infested ours laws and lives.  Here is a short list on how you can help.

  • Speak out whenever and wherever you encounter religious expression.  Keep reminding believers that you think religion is nonsense.
  • Wear "no-god" buttons to your workplace if there are others that wear religious symbols such as crosses.
  • Write letters to your elected representatives and let them know what you think.
  • Complain to municipal authorities about religious organizations not paying their fair share of property taxes.
  • Paste "No Religious Solicitors" stickers on your front door.
  • Complain about the presence of holy books in court rooms and other governmental offices.
  • Hand out atheists literature to church attendees and place it on windshields of vehicles parked near churches.
  • Send me your ideas and e-mail to encourage me. If you are a believer and you wish to e-mail me then I will need to know more about you so please complete this questionnaire first.
             Darwin Bedford

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