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Campaign to Fire Uncle Sam

Just what is it going to take for Americans to see fault in their foreign policies?  They are inviting an Israeli-Palestinian type conflict to occur on their own soil.  To my mind America is fired as the superpower, police-force of the world.  The world has developed a love-hate relationship with America because she abuses her position and power.  It seems that any excuse that the U.S. Department of State can use they go and bomb innocent civilians in the name protecting favorite countries.
I have no untoward feelings for the American people but their country's foreign policies undermine the safety of the American way.  So, I am going to act with my wallet to fire Uncle Sam.  Whenever I can avoid purchasing American products or services I will.  I will no longer cross their border unless it is to protest U.S. foreign policies.  If enough people were to take this action America could be weakened enough for another superpower to come forth--perhaps an alliance of a few countries.  I am now willing to take the chance of there not being an America to keep things in check.

I am not calling for Canada or any country to institute terrorist action against the U.S.  I just want to send a subtle message to the U.S. foreign policy makers that the world condemns the killing of innocent citizens by direct bombing and by starvation that is brought on by poverty which in turn is brought on by the destruction of infrastructure.  My action of shunning the U.S. with my wallet will of course only create a message if others do same.  Otherwise, America should realize that her commerce is vulnerable in so many ways:

The Panama Cannel could be destroyed enough to prevent ships from getting through.  This would totally disrupt trade and commerce for the U.S. especially.

Power sources that lead from Canada into the U.S. (miles and miles of unguarded natural gas and hydro lines) could be damaged easily.

Nuclear power plants could be attacked by civilian aircraft and what an aftermath that would be.

A deadly virus such Anthrax could be dispersed on people, live stock, or food crops by planes that are commonly used for spraying crops.

Miles of railway tracks are vulnerable to be blown up by simply using construction dynamite.

A few surprise explosions with some "collateral damage" (that's the U.S. "defense" department word for civilian deaths) occurring at shopping malls or amusement parks would probably cause enough fear in America to crash the stock markets.

A ‘Fuel-air weapon’ or ‘Vacuum-Bomb’ could be exploded over the fans watching the Super Bowl.  If you are not aware of these low tech bombs then I invite you to do a Google search on "vacuum bomb".  Here is one link about them http://www.aeronautics.ru/nws002/sundaytimes002.htm

Inner city bridges could be damaged or fires could be set.  Lets face it, the list is endless.

I hope that none of the above happens and I bet you feel the same way, so I invite you to shun America with your wallet and pass the word along.

Darwin Bedford
e-mail: FireUncleSam@UnitedStatesGovernment.org

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