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Payback Day for the U.S. of A. 
by Darwin Bedford, Spiritual Reality Therapist
e-mail: terror@realitylink.org

You can bully some of the people all of the time, and you can bully all of the people some of the time, but you cannot bully all of the people all of the time.  Didn't the Americans learn anything from Abraham Lincoln?

The U.S. dominates world trade and does so unfairly.  The U.S. also has great influence over the World Trade Organization and it is well recognized that U.S. foreign policies are disliked by many countries.   

The US trade policies cause grievous human suffering in many parts of the world.  According to The Hunger Project chronic, persistent hunger takes the lives of 24,000 people every day.  That equates to 100 jumbo jets crashing every day!  The U.S. must accept responsibility for a significant number of these deaths. 

And according the World Health Organization tobacco use kills 11,000 people every day.  Yet the International Monetary Fund and World Bank forces some countries with international debt to grow export crops such as tobacco, coffee, and cotton rather than food crops for domestic use. The death toll from tobacco within the U.S. alone is 1,300 per day and that equates to five jumbo jets crashing every day.  The two issues of hunger and tobacco alone amount to 35,000 deaths per day.  

Of course the dramatic deaths of innocent American civilians that occurred in the terrorists attacks appear much more senseless and impressionable in comparison to the silent deaths caused from American protectionist policies, however, a death is a death, is a death -- and  what goes around eventually comes around.

The American people claim to live by the Golden Rule of Christianity (do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you), but when it comes to "building" and protecting the American economy then anything is permissible--even murder. 

So my message to any Americans who may be reading this is that the terrorist attacks come as no surprise to me as anti-American sentiment has been building all around the world for quite some time.  Decades of abusive and subversive foreign policies are finally catching up to you.

The U.S. foreign policies are so successful for them that they can afford to be the most generous nation on Earth and still come out ahead.  The U.S. Government is brilliant in the area of public relations and at deceiving its own people.  Actually, the "U.S. Government" is a misnomer because in reality it is largely controlled by the people who pay for its incumbents to be elected.  Multinational corporations now have far too much influence over governments.  The problem lies in that a corporation is not democratic.  A corporation is not responsible to the citizens as a whole, just to its shareholders.  The sole purpose of a multinational corporation is to profit through international trade.

George W. Bush, the appointed president, is just a puppet for multinational corporations and the Religious Right political movement.  With him as president American democracy may as well be on Prozac.  In the picture above he is praying (in public again) while the terrorist attack is occurring.  Does he think a god is going to push his hand through the sky and stop a plane from crashing?  Instead of leading his people into prayer he should be revealing some breakthrough thinking.  

He should be saying to the American people: "Look, we have gone too far with exercising our might over other nations, especially those of other faiths and political ideologies, and we must take corrective action immediately to defuse any hostilities towards us."  And to Osama bin Laden he should say: "We have treated you unfairly and now you have taught us a valuable lesson.  We recognize that you are a good person at heart and that you were just trying to help your country's citizens.  We will leave you alone except for listening to you and cooperating with you in attempt to undo some of our hostile actions towards you.  We will also seek to cancel all trade sanctions against you and we will take measures to curb multinational corporations from taking advantage of the countries of your concern." 

But instead he is leading his people (and the world) into war.  Yes, war might stir the economy up some, manufacturing military arsenal and so on.  And of course the American people have to defend their way of life as decreed by their God against the way of life decreed by other nations' gods.  So then, if there has to be a war then there has to be a war. 

However, if there were no gods (and many know that there are not) and if it was alright for other nations to develop to be richer and mightier then yours, then perhaps the world would flourish in prosperity instead.  

As long as the U.S. continues to purposely disadvantage selected nations then you can count on further terrorist attacks on Americans and their most honored symbols.  America must now decide if they want to develop the same sort of scenario that they have been supporting in Israel.  

Please help America decide because the Bush administration needs all the help they can get.

Thank you for the time that you have taken to read this post.  I enjoy reading comments that people may have regarding articles that I write so I invite you to e-mail me at terror@realitylink.org.  
(Posted September 22, 2001)


Letter of Apology From Christendom 
by Darwin Bedford
e-mail: darwin@atheists.net

Today's Christians are wanting to separate themselves from the triumphalism of Christendom or pre-modern Christianity.  "Christianity cultivated and imposed its version of 'correctness' on everyone and everything in Western society." writes Dr. Charles Taylor who is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at McGill University.  He goes on to say, "For Christianity to contribute positively to contemporary society, it must pay attention to what has happened.  Only then will Christians shed their earlier triumphalism and seek instead to learn humbly from, as well as contribute charitably to, their neighbours in the new diversity of our times." 

Personally, I think that it is only due to triumphalism that Christianity is so widespread.  If Christianity were to succeed in shedding its triumphalism then its number of adherents would shrink to that of the Flat Earth Society (whose members still believe that the Earth is flat).  Although there are still many instances of Christian triumphalism in our laws and in our social fabric, I, as the Atheist Messiah and provider of spiritual leadership, have decided to participate in this official declaration of its ending.   

Firstly, there needs to be an apology from the perpetrators of Christendom for all the suffering it has caused in our lives.  So lets begin the healing process in the wake of Christendom (and for that matter in the wake of monotheism in general).  Below is my own personal "Letter of Apology From Christendom", the words of which I would like to hear an official of Christianity, such as
Pope J
ohn Paul II, say to me on behalf of all Christians. 

Letter of Apology:

To Darwin Bedford:

I apologize for the Christians and Christian energies of all times for their trespasses committed and their lapses in manners and conduct.  It is totally unacceptable.

I just found out (oh boy was I asleep) how pathetically we have really been treating you.  This realization has made me sick (physically and mentally) and I sincerely seek your forgiveness through repentance.

There is no excuse for the way we have treated you and, from what I understand, still do.  There is no reason for anything but unconditional love, unselfish sharing and total caring for who you are as an individual.  

For all your lifetime we have done you so very wrong abusing you one way or another, consciously or not (no excuse will ever be acceptable here), and have in fact fueled the fire that retarded our mutual advancement to our total possibility.  We did evil, because we have been absent of guilt.

If we feel guilty then this is a good sign that we are not entirely evil.

I want to apologize specifically for some of our transgressions:

1)  We apologize for violating your person when you were just a few days old by hurting you by
cutting the foreskin from your penis. We did so without your permission and we regret that you view its altered appearance as unnatural and "silly looking."  We understand your point that you now look like you could be a follower of our religion when in fact you are not.  We're sorry that you have taken this action as receiving early notice in life of the Christian institution's intention and powers in exercising control over you without your consent.

2)  We apologize for
forcing you to stand up to recite the "Lord's Prayer" every day of your schooling and for forcing you to listen to readings from our holy book, the Bible.  This was in spite of you making it abundantly clear that you did not believe in our God nor our holy scriptures. We regret that when you finally obtained permission to be excused from the religious activities in the classroom, that you were made to sit directly in front of the Christian who read them over the school's public announcement system.

3)  We're sorry that you were
left with no playmates every Sunday of your childhood because we forced them to participate in Sunday school, even though they strenuously objected.  We also acknowledge that you hold the content of what we subjected them to as falsities.  

4)  We apologize for numerous times in your life that you were
asked to pray to our God at social gatherings even though many a time it was known that not everyone present was a Christian.

5)  We apologize for all the
funerals that you have attended of people you knew where the format has been restricted and seemed like Christian infomercials.

6)  We apologize for "torturing" you, as you say, for
having to hear songs and music rejoicing the birthday of our Lord wherever you go in public for two entire months of every twelve.

No more, I promise--as of now this will change.  I will encourage my fellow Christians to be more mindful of your rights and of the position you and many others have for our religion.  We will no longer seek to confront you with our religion at every opportunity.  In fact we will proactively endeavor to minimize and eliminate the situations in which this is now occurring.  We will lobby governments to remove the domination of our religion in all acts and laws governing the diversified, multicultural society of today.


As you can see, my life has not been seriously affected by Christianity--for I never subscribed to its teachings in the first place nor lived in a one-religion community.  However, others may have horrific stories to tell.  If you have suffered in your life due to Christianity or another religion then I invite you to compose your own version of an apology.  You may experience some release of suppressed emotions.  This would be especially true if you were able to express it to others.  So if you you compose a self-written apology from a religion, e-mail it to me.  I will post it at the location linked below.  I will not post your name nor your e-mail address unless you explicitly express to do so.

Thank you for the time that you have taken to read this post and I invite you to write or e-mail me regarding it.  You need not disclose your name or address unless you are requesting a direct response to your comments or questions.  I will post all worthy responses for people to read. 


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